Forbidden Fruit Exotic vape cartridge flavor


Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit Exotic vape cartridge flavor Love at first toke! Obtained a gram of this; Canna Organix dank vapes in Washington state. Dark purple foliage with deep green and orange hairs mixed in. Strong fruit aroma as soon as I cracked the bag But reminds  me of the smell of fruit punch with too much sugar. Tastes very similar… makes me think of what tropical weed should taste like. This is easily one of my top 5 strains of all time. The effect is very strong indica. Like a pleasure bomb was dropped in your chest and the euphoria spreads to all limbs slowly. Quite smooth and enjoyable. Given the amazing flavor, and the powerful effects, this one is a no-brainer. If you find it, buy it. Simple as that! Grabbed this a few times from HGC Vista… supposedly grow by the Cookies Fam… definitely some of the best sun grown I’ve seen in a while. Nice purple buds with sparse orange hairs on chunky sativa hybrid lookin buds. Smell at first is pure tangie but the cherry came out when breaking up. Taste was tangerine and skunk on the inhale, cherries and funk on the exhale and the lingering aftertaste. My favorite way to medicate with this was a nice clean bong… especially with a bit of home made rosin as a topper(.25 bowl with the rosin from a .5 on top gave me the tastiest few rips I’ve had in a long while). Stone was mostly euphoric to me with some body towards the comedown… potency was good but not up there with the likes of OG or GG4. Awesome for alone time with wifey if you catch my drift. All in all a solid strain and definitely something I’d like to keep around for flavor alone. juul pods


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